Company History

Swiftmaps and Graphics

Swiftmaps and Graphics is a national leader in world maps, regional maps, and the SwiftGlimpse™ line of calendar products. Founded by David Swift in 1998 after his long-term partnership with A World of Maps, Swiftmaps and Graphics is the largest privately-owned map store in the US.  All Swiftmaps and Graphics products are proudly made in the USA.

With the launch of, David’s digital business strategy began with a successful e-commerce marketplace and growing sales on eBay that paved the way to expand into printing and manufacturing, producing the Swiftmaps™ brand of decorative wall maps in house.

In 2014, Swiftmaps expanded their online selling platform to include Amazon, considered one of the Big Four technology companies along with Google, Apple, and Facebook.  They quickly became one of Amazon’s Top Sellers in this category.

Swift Calendars

Two years into the Amazon business relationship, David began to add an emerging product line to Amazon's wall calendar category.  Creating the SwiftGlimpse™ brand, the Swift Calendar division launched with an expansive array of wall calendar and desk calendar products, all made in the USA, and to great reception from the marketplace.

In 2019, Swift Calendars became an authorized seller of At-A-Glance products introducing monthly and weekly At-A-Glance® Notebook Planners.  This new product line is the company's latest move in response to consumer demands for high-quality calendar planning options at a reduced price from the big-box retailers.

As Swift Calendars continued to move forward in sales, during the first quarter of 2020 they became a vendor partner with Walmart and during the second quarter launched a vendor partnership with Office Depot selling the newest SwiftGlimpse Wall Calendar product line.  During the first quarter of 2021, Swift Calendars' SwiftGlimpse brand of products were introduced and began sales on

Authentic High Quality Products Made in America, from an American Based Company.

Swiftmaps Team

Our entrepreneurial team continues to grow with colleagues dedicated to producing exceptional products.  We appreciate and thank our growing community of loyal customers and newcomers discovering our brand.


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4760 E Bay Drive, Largo, FL 33764